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Clayton Tartt, Advisor and Advocate

The Difference Between Freedom and Incarceration

Tartt Law’s White-Collar practice is born from battle. With a long history of handling complex matters, we are ready to fight for you wherever the need arises. We regularly represent professionals before licensing boards, and in state and federal trial courts in Alabama.

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Our Practice Capabilities

White Collar Defense

  • Creating front end compliance
  • Conducting independent fact investigations
  • Shepherding governmental investigations into individuals or entities
  • Addressing professional licensing board actions
  • Responding to audits related to insurance, health care providers, and taxes
  • Marshaling voluminous discovery
  • Litigating and trying your case

A single act or omission can put a target letter on you or your organization. You can create a barrier to governmental overreach through front-end compliance. If your proactive measures fail, we start from the beginning. Your attorneys must know more than the regulators and investigators. A thorough and concurrent investigation with agencies looking into you, helps you get ahead of the curve.

If done early enough, you will be prepared for the inevitable audit or regulatory investigation from any agency or board that comes looking. Starting early can ensure compliance before issues arise and mitigate any problems uncovered.  Additionally, it helps you get ready to try your case from the start instead of during potential trial. 

And the best way to avoid trial is to be more than ready for one. The goal is always tailoring a resolution short of charges. We strive to design the right approach to fit your desired result under the circumstances.

Clayton Tartt, Counselor

Our Roots:
Defending White
Collar Crimes and

Clayton Tartt began his career handling white-collar cases. His knowledge and skill now, comes from experience and practice with others, with an occasional lesson learned along the way. Our successful track record attests to our unwavering commitment to protecting our clients’ rights.

Clayton Tartt

Meet Clayton Tartt

An experienced litigator, with over a decade of experience protecting his client's interest

Advisor and Advocate: a resourceful strategist, persuasive writer, with a nimble argument style

Clayton’s unwavering dedication and preparation ensures your case receives proper attention and care.

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What Sets Tartt Law
llc Apart in
Criminal Defense

What truly sets Tartt Law llc apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients. We take the time to listen and understand your situation, enabling us to build a robust defense strategy from the ground up. We approach every case with the utmost aggression and relentlessness, ensuring that your rights are fiercely advocated for at every step of the legal process. From the courtroom to the appellate court, we are your passionate representatives, fighting for the justice you deserve.