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Clayton Tartt, West Alabama Native

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Tartt Law’s Litigation practice is time tested. For over a decade, we have provided zealous representation in a variety of contexts. Sometimes it does not matter what you do, you are forced to defend yourself or seek redress in court. When you find yourself in court, you need an experienced litigator. You need someone who tries cases.

Clayton Tartt, Problem Solver

Our Practice Capabilities


  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Defense
  • Civil Rights actions
  • Personal rights actions

We are litigators.

Because our unique approach is designed to identify and attack your particular issue, our client base is diverse and growing. Sometimes we cannot take on a specific case, but we can certainly help you find the right lawyers that can.

Clayton Tartt

Meet Clayton Tartt

An experienced litigator, with over a decade of experience protecting his client's interest

Advisor and Advocate: a resourceful strategist, persuasive writer, with a nimble argument style

Clayton’s unwavering dedication and preparation ensures your case receives proper attention and care.

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What Sets Tartt Law
llc Apart

What truly sets Tartt Law llc apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients. We take the time to listen and understand your situation, enabling us to build a robust defense strategy from the ground up. We approach every case with the utmost aggression and relentlessness, ensuring that your rights are fiercely advocated for at every step of the legal process. From the courtroom to the appellate court, we are your passionate representatives, fighting for the justice you deserve.