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Tartt Law’s appellate-litigation practice is rooted in experience. We are licensed in and handle appeals in all state and federal trial courts in Alabama.

Clayton Tartt, Appellate Litigation

Our Practice Capabilities

Appellate Practice

  • Providing retrial and trial motion assistance
  • Developing trial record
  • Evaluating potential appeals
  • Drafting and arguing post-judgement motions
  • Writing appellate briefs
  • Conducting appellate mediation
  • Presenting oral argument
  • Submitting applications for rehearing
  • Reviewing cases for post-conviction relief options
  • Litigating Rule 32 petitions
  • Participating in post-judgment evidentiary hearings
  • Handling Rule 32 appeals
  • Submitting petitions for writ of certiorari
  • Helping with parole petitions

Our post-judgment approach is driven by unique perspective and rooted in understanding of appellate procedures. When combined with effective brief writing and oral argument, anything can be accomplished.

Appellate practice is not like other litigation. It requires different skill sets and knowledge typically seen in trial courts. Effect writing and persuasive oral advocacy allows skilled appellate litigators to present cases in a way best designed to achieve their client’s individualized results.

Understanding the different procedural rules that govern appeals is one of the most important pieces of most appeals. Procedural errors by lawyers inexperienced with appeals can not only cost you a win but also prevent you from ever entering the game. Our experience and knowledge provides for a more efficient and often more cost-effective appeal without compromising the quality of the advocacy.

Tartt Law - After Trial

Our Appellate
Litigation Services

With Tartt Law, you can rely on our extensive experience handling appeals across various cases. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of appellate court processes and procedures. We understand the nuances of appellate advocacy and are adept at presenting persuasive appeals that stand out.

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What Sets Tartt Law
llc Apart in
Appellate Litigation

At Tartt Law llc, we take pride in our unique and customized strategy for each appeal. Understanding the individuality of every case, we meticulously analyze the details, identify potent arguments, and craft a persuasive narrative that highlights key points. Our unwavering commitment to our clients’ rights sets us apart as we passionately fight for justice, ensuring their voices are heard in appellate courts. With guidance, support, and relentless advocacy, Tartt Law llc stands by our clients throughout the entire process. We believe in leaving no stone unturned, exploring every avenue, exhaustively considering all angles, and leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to give each appeal the best chance of success.