a bespoke approach

Tartt Law llc

Representation designed from scratch.

Fighting for your rights with dedication and tenacity

Customized approach

Tartt Law llc offers a personalized strategy tailored to your unique needs.

Successful track record

Distinguished history of success in high profile and complex white-collar cases.

Comprehensive legal services

Representation from beginning to end, from investigation through appeal, we are here to help, whenever you need it.

The Pursuit of Justice

About Our
Unique Approach

At Tartt Law llc, we understand and advocate for each client’s needs. We believe in comprehensive and adaptable strategies designed from the ground up, ensuring our approach is tailored to your unique circumstances. We leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit achieving your desired outcome.

The pursuit of justice

Our Core Values

Tartt Law is an innovative and dynamic law firm that provides an efficient, service driven experience that makes the process simple and clear from the start. We aim to create specific solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Custom solutions

No off-the-rack services offered here. Each undertaking begins fresh. Every case, client, and circumstance is unique, eliminating the concept of universal rules for all situations.

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Price transparency

Offering a flexible approach to pricing structure allows you to obtain legal services that suit your requirements. You get to choose how we work to accomplish your goals.

Undivided attention

As a small firm, Tartt Law provides personalized attention to each client, treating them as the priority. We offer full access, allowing clients to be as involved as they desire. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or entrusting our knowledge, our bespoke representation accommodates all levels of involvement.

Clayton Tartt

Meet Clayton Tartt

An experienced litigator, with over a decade of experience protecting his client's interest

Advisor and Advocate: a resourceful strategist, persuasive writer, with a nimble argument style

Clayton’s unwavering dedication and preparation ensures your case receives proper attention and care.

Dedicated to You

Why Choose
Tartt Law llc

Our flexible approach tailors targeted legal solutions at a price customized for you. Each case is different. Each person is different. We are different. While we can’t guarantee success, we can promise that with Tartt Law, you can expect value, quality, and seamless legal solutions tailored to your needs.